Recommendations for tim mcgeary

October, 2019 - "What a terrific show! Tim is a wonderful entertainer whose songs and songwriting range from comedic to the highs and lows that come with all that the human experience has to offer. He introduced each with perfect anecdotes that kept my guests engaged. As an extra bonus, he is also a wonderful house guest and insisted on helping me bring all my furniture back in afterwards...such a treat! I highly recommend Tim McGeary for a home concert."
(T. Matthews)

October, 2019 - "What a great night with Tim McGeary, he personally met every person, sang songs from his heart that took us to highs and lows, while providing just enough background to set up every song. He is a must book act if he is anywhere near you!!"
(S. Hopkins)

August, 2019 - "Tim is the consummate storyteller. He is very engaging and entertaining. His performance hits you in the heart. Those who attended sang along and were thoroughly uplifted by Tim's talent. He's a keeper!"
(M. Malec)

May, 2019 - "Always a pleasure to have Tim McGeary on the ACMA stage. He's got it all, looks, voice, songwriting, guitar skills and stage personality. His natural "niceness" shines through it all. Pre and Post concert communication was fine...he's local, so no overnight stay needed."
(A. S)

March, 2019 - "Tim has written really good songs. He tells interesting stories and is an excellent entertainer. He comes across as relaxed and casual and had our audience singing along. And Tim is a nice guy. He participated in our pre-show potluck dinner and chatted with those who came. We had numerous comments from folks who said they really enjoyed the evening; that they thought Tim was very talented, and especially appreciated the chance to spend one on one time with Tim."
(S. Chamberlin)

October, 2018 - "Tim was a wonderful performer and person. Very warm and a great storyteller. Very talented songwriter and guitarist and interacted with the audience very well. I would welcome Tim back into our home again."
(K. Eberly)

June, 2018 - "Tim was wonderful, my guest and I loved him!! A great guy, great performance, and great material. Communication in the booking process was perfect, and Tim (and his wife Carol) was the nicest houseguest you could wish for. We hope to see our new friends in Tureby again, it will be easy to sell the tickets for another full house with Tim McGeary!!"
(A. Andreassen)

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