Have a House Concert with Pierce Crask


Try Music by the Yard!

  • We drive to you.
  • Safely gather family and a few neighbors.
  • Get a 25 minute concert.
  • Pay a small flat fee and encourage donations.

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Pierce Crask
Music by the Yard

It's affordable!
Most LRN artists are accustomed to making $500-1500 per show.
Music by the Yard concerts start at only $100!

$200 for 50 minutes (+ donations)
$100 for 25 minutes (+ donations)


Recommendations from hosts (1)

December, 2019 - "Pierce was a gem. Very friendly and connected immediately with the audience. He is very talented in his guitar and harmonica playing.He had a wide range of songs to play. The audience loved him and it showed with the number of cd's he sold and the...

Pierce Crask

Pierce Crask

Trying to fill these important dates

MO,WI,IL/US: Aug, 2020 (dates: Any) - Always looking for midwest performance opportunities!

IA,MN,WI/US: Jan, 2021 (dates: 3) - Will be visiting family in MN. Hoping to book a show while I'm up there!

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