Have a House Concert with Jennings and Keller


Try Music by the Yard!

  • We drive to you.
  • Safely gather family and a few neighbors.
  • Get a 25 minute concert.
  • Pay a small flat fee and encourage donations.

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Jennings and Keller
Music by the Yard

It's affordable!
Most LRN artists are accustomed to making $500-1500 per show.
Music by the Yard concerts start at only $100!

$200 for 50 minutes (+ donations)
$100 for 25 minutes (+ donations)


Recommendations from hosts (9)

June, 2019 - "Laurie and Dana are absolutely wonderful! Their sound is mesmerizing and their storytelling brilliant. We were a very small group and they still gave us a completely fulfilling show. My guests were already asking if they will be back through town n...

Jennings and Keller

Jennings and Keller

Trying to fill these important dates

OR,OR,CA/US: Aug, 2020 (dates: 8/7, 8/8, 8/15) - We are looking for dates in OR first half of Aug. Then CA for second half of Aug., specifically last weekend of Aug.

CA,CA/US: Sep, 2020 (dates: 9/4, 9/5, 9/12) - We will be in Bay area first half of Sept. Then we will be in SoCal for second half of month. Would love to do a house concert with you. Thanks.

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