Nick Andrew Staver

Nick Andrew Staver

"Nick's voice and guitar filled the room beautifully and his stories kept us entertained. If you get a chance to see Nick at a house show, GO! Your ears will thank you." - Marla K of The Green Room (Ephrata PA)

In The Morning **NEW VIDEO** (w/ story)


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September, 2023 - "Nick brought the energy! We loved his sound, his stories, and friendly style! We had a pop up rain storm and had to move everyone inside, he moved without missing a beat and finished the show inside. You are guaranteed to enjoy yourself if you ha...

Nick Andrew Staver

Nick Andrew Staver

Member since: 2021-08-24
Home: Shippensburg, PA, US
Frequently Tours: East Coast Region
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Steel Resonator Guitar
Other Instruments: Acoustic Guitar
Genre: americana, folk, blues, singer/songwriter
Style: Mellow folk/blues based
Content: Mainstream storyteller
Rating: G - PG


A working class soul.
A ten pound steel guitar.
A voice dripping of nostalgia.

Nick Andrew Staver has emerged as a captivating American Roots & Blues songwriter and the blue collar valleys of southern Pennsylvania could easily be labeled as his co-writer.

Writing and recording as a solo artist since 2014 has led to the release of albums including Medicine (2020), Live. In House (2021) and recent studio release, Rust Don’t Shine.

Rust Don’t Shine fan favorites “Laramie” & “In...

Trying to fill these important dates

FL,NC,VA/US: Oct, 2023 (dates: Oct 2023) - East Coast fall tour between PA to FL and back

PA,NY,VA/US: Nov, 2023 (dates: year round) - home region - flexible with dates - "off day" TenTen House Concerts available. Contact me to chat more!
Walking The Dog (no story)

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