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Below the form are some of the key dates I am trying to fill. You can suggest other dates.

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Trying to fill these important dates

MD,PA,NY/US: Jan, 2022 (dates: year round) - local region, booking year round

UT,NE,CO/US: Jun, 2022 (dates: June 15-June 25) - Midwest & Mountain Time here I come!

AZ,NM,TX/US: Jul, 2022 (dates: June 25-July 03) - Pre 4th of July southwest run....

NC,VA,MD/US: Jul, 2022 (dates: July 06 - 10) - Home stretch back to PA....

GA,MS,AL/US: Jul, 2022 (dates: July 05 - 07) - Southern leg before turning home...

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