The Rough & Tumble

The Rough & Tumble

"Loved every second of The Rough & Tumble, from the moment they stood at my front door, 'till the moment their pickup truck + trailer sadly drove away. Not only guitar/banjo, they had drums, xylophone, accordion, shakers, tiny piano, and a violin bow. Their songs told great stories - all with strong harmonies."- D. Melin, Brickhouse Concerts

High Fly (Didn't I Wait?)


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January, 2020 - "The Rough & Tumble may be the most entertaining act we have seen! Scott and Mallory have amazing personalities, are easy to communicate with before, during and after the concert. They have so much charisma together that it is contagious! Their home...

The Rough & Tumble

The Rough & Tumble


Member since: 2014-05-21
Home: Nashville, TN, US
Frequently Tours: The United States
# of Members: 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar/accordion/toy piano/
Other Instruments: junkstore percussion/banjolele
Genre: Folk/Americana
Style: Varied Indiefolk
Content: Mainstream Intimate
Rating: G - PG


The Rough & Tumble are as easy to detect as a stray dog on your doorstep-- and as difficult to send home. The dumpster-folk, thriftstore-Americana duo, consisting of Mallory Graham & Scott Tyler, have been hobbling around the country in their 16’ camper since 2015. They picked up a couple of actual strays along the way-- two 100lb dogs, Puddle & Magpie Mae-- and have been making themselves at home in living rooms, bars, theaters, and festivals across the country.Even at their start in 2011, ...

Trying to fill these important dates

CA,NV/US: Apr, 2020 (dates: April-May) - Looking for shows in CA and NV in April and early May.

WA,OR/US: May, 2020 (dates: May 2020) - Oregon and Washington! We want to play.
The Hardest Part

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