The Rough & Tumble

The Rough & Tumble

I laughed my ass off, I cried buckets. By the third song I realized, I need to pace myself!
-Aubrey, NC

High-quality originals in all sorts of traditional veins, from haunting ballads to stomping, screaming folk anthems. All performed with expert, polished musicianship and flawless ensemble.
- Empty Nest Concerts, NJ

The Hardest Part


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March, 2023 - "What a pleasure to host The Rough and Tumble through the Listening Room Network. I absolutely love turning on friends to singer songwriters like Mallory and Scott in a unique setting that they can truly appreciate the talent they are listening to. I ...

The Rough & Tumble

The Rough & Tumble


Member since: 2014-05-21
Home: Nashville, TN, US
Frequently Tours: The United States
# of Members: 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar/accordion/ukulele
Other Instruments: junkstore percussion/banjolele
Genre: Folk/Americana
Style: Upbeat Folk
Content: Mainstream Intimate
Rating: G - PG


The Rough & Tumble aren’t casual road dogs, but they aren’t letting on, either. From their upbeat, commanding stage presence and sharp banter, to their earworm melodies and heartstring lyrics, this dumpster-folk/thriftstore Americana duo refuses to bring the haggard road-worn stereotype to their audience-- even though they’ve earned it.

After forming the group in 2011, Mallory Graham and Scott Tyler were feeling stuck by 2015, so they sold everything they could, bought a 16’ camper ...

Trying to fill these important dates

MI,WI/US: Jun, 2023 (dates: June 16-30) - Going to be in Michigan and Wisconsin in the Summer of 2023 and would love to play for you.

WI,MI/US: Jul, 2023 (dates: July 1-8, 2023) - Anything available in Wisconsin in early July?
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