Maiah Wynne

Maiah Wynne

Hosting Maiah Wynne for a living room concert was pure joy. Our guest list spanned a wide range, from recent grads to grandparents. Maiah’s stories and songs held our rapt attention, and her skillful ease with unique instruments is unforgettable. One of many highlights: our teenager and his friends dancing with wild abandon during the fast songs!

"Mama" live at Sound Off! (2nd place!)


Recommendations from hosts (2)

September, 2021 - "Maiah put on an amazing performance, audience loved her. She is very well supported with her local crew, including a soundboard, all instruments were mic'd and the sound quality was top notch. She played both her beautiful original songs and some...

Maiah Wynne

Maiah Wynne

Member since: 2020-04-19
Home: Gresham, OR, US
Frequently Tours: West Coast to the Rockies
# of Members: 1 or 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, guitar, keys, ukulele
Other Instruments: harp guitar, drums, dulcimer
Genre: folk, pop, americana
Style: Mellow
Content: Mainstream
Rating: G


"A dusky, delicate voice brimming with emotion.”
“Gorgeous orchestral folk-pop”
“Haunting...a fresh take on music that echoes back to the sounds of Appalachian folk tunes”
"Could she be the next Brandi Carlile? The sky is clearly the limit for this rising folk star." - The Revue

"Maiah's ability to fuse her evocative vocal arrangements with the haunting narrative of Fearless Girl is a testament to her skills a...

Trying to fill these important dates

ON/CA: Nov, 2021 (dates: 01-15th) - Will be in the Toronto area

OR,CA,CA/US: Dec, 2021 (dates: 01-31st) - Christmas and New Years gigs close to home!
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