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Featured Performers

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Danny Schmidt
Playing FL in March

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Sam Robbins
Playing Southeast in March!

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A Tale Of Two
Timeless Southern Storytelling

Spotlight your act for one full month on key pages at LRN as well as our monthly newsletter to 7,000 people.

Bonus for a limited time!
Your feature also includes a one-to-one session with Fran Snyder. This one hour consultation can include:
  • profile evaluation - are you featuring your best content?
  • inquiry evaluation - can you improve the way you are reaching out to hosts and venues?
  • step by step usage - together we'll find your best opportunities and reach out to them.
  • we can also talk about career strategies and more!

Only $50. (66% off our $150 value!)
Make your payment and you'll hear from us to schedule your featured listing and consultation with Fran Snyder.

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Will I get a gig from being featured?
You should only do the featured listing if you plan to use the site actively in the following months - reaching out to hosts/venues and following up. Venues are more likely to remember, recognize, and respond to you if they've seen your name before. The amount of work you get from LRN is mostly determined by the online presentation of your talent, the number of appropriate venues you contact, the amount of polite follow up you make, and your ability to go where opportunities present themselves. The featured listing is a booster for this process, not a replacement.

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